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Florence: Boffi De Padova Studio Firenze opening

October 25 2018

The new Boffi, De Padova, MA/U Studio showroom in Florence is located in Via Aretina, near Piazza Beccaria, an historical district connected to peripheral areas and rich of commercial and industrial spaces.

The architectural environs of an urban factory is the backdrop for an interior project designed and coordinated by the Style & Design Department of the Boffi Group. This wide and flexible space is on the second floor and is illuminated by natural light coming from the courtyard.

The space showcases the aesthetic of the Group that integrates furniture collections for any living space, from the kitchen to the bathroom, including storage systems and accessories.

As in all the other showrooms, it is possible to choose all elements needed from a selection of brands, with the assistance of specialists from start to finish of the project.