by Modem – Posted December 21 2018
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[red]Soleil Tokyo[/red] has announced its new collaboration with Playtime Tokyo to aim at opening the business for buyers and blurring the lines that usually separate market categories; kids, women's and men's collection.

Launched in 2015, Soleil Tokyo is a completely new concept of exhibition in which brands can display their products on as little as one rack or one single shelf.

Exhibitors stay off site so that Japanese visitors can look at collections at their own pace, without feeling pressured in any way. Visitors then give a list of brands they are interested in, after which exhibitors will be free to contact them directly. This way of approaching one another favors a more accurate and efficient business matchmaking.

The SOLEIL TOKYO team, with 28 years experience in the business, will solicit a selection of major VIP professionals including Urban Research , ABAHOUSE International , Apparel Web , Ron Herman , Ginza SIX SIXEME GINZA , Beams , Fashion bible , , Baycrews , Mitsukosi Isetan , Barneys Japan , United Arrows , SHIPS , Laforet , nano universe etc. to give an anonymous feedback on every line, thus giving exhibitor brands the guaranty of an honest point of view that may help them improve their business in Japan.

For its 8th edition, with 38 carefully selected brands, SOLEIL TOKYO becomes ”SOLEIL TOKYO showroom” , a curated event that gives brands the best possible exposure in Japan.

[grey]Date: from 4th to 6th February 2019
Venue : EBIS303 - 3F
1-20-8 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
SOLEIL TOKYO Contact: Yoshiko Kubo [/grey]

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