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by Modem – Posted February 25 2019
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Driven by an outstanding take on fashion and sense of creativity, Karl Lagerfeld
was passionate, powerful, and intensely curious – just like the woman who
inspired him throughout his entire life; Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself.

Always at the forefront of the fashion industry, both designers were true pioneers
of their own times, provocative voices of their respective generations, and
most of all, both Gabrielle Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld were boundary-pushing,
extraordinary creative individuals who never settled for anything less than
achieving excellence. If one considers Gabrielle Chanel to be the “femme fatale”
of her generation, Karl Lagerfeld is definitely her counterpart – l'“homme fatal”.

In addition to sitting on the throne of the fashion industry, Mr. Lagerfeld further
expressed his artistry through a lifelong passion for photography, illustration,
architecture, and interior design.

“The greatest tribute we can pay today is to continue to follow the path he
traced by – to quote Karl – ‘continuing to embrace the present and invent the future’,”
declared Bruno Pavlovsky, President of Fashion at Chanel.

Famed for his one-of-a-kind signature style look – tailored suit, dark sunglasses,
white ponytail, and black leather gloves – the enigmatic “King Karl,” as referred to
by his fan-base, was arguably the most prolific designer in recent fashion history.

“For Fendi and myself, the creative genius of Karl has been and will always be our
guiding light,” Silvia Venturini, Fendi Creative Director.

Elisabeth Tudor @ Modem

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