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Winners of the Hyères Festival: the future of fashion

May 05 2019

For this 34th edition of Hyères Fashion and Photography International Festival, the Jury chaired by Natasha Ramsay-Levi, artistic director of the house Chloe, elected the Austrian designer Christoph Rumpf. At age 25, he creates a collection thinking of a young boy, such as the character of Mowgli in Rudyard Kipling, who survives in nature before realizing that he will become a prince.

The previous year, Rushemy Botter and Lisi Herrebrugh, winners of the Grand Jury Prize Première Vision 2018 became artistic directors of the French brand Nina Ricci In turn, Prince Rumpf will soon spread the sensual and structured animality of his pieces on our shoulders …

The Jury also elected other winners in various categories:

- The Chloé Award was won by the Swiss Tina Schwizgebel-Wang whose textile expression celebrates tattooing while highlighting her talent as an illustrator.
- For the first time a Chanel Arts and Crafts Award was awarded. Roisin Pierce won for her white, aerial silhouettes made of lace and openwork cottons. The Prix du Public-Ville d'Hyères was also awarded to her.
- The Special Distinction was awarded to Japanese trio Tetsuya Doi, Yota Anazawa and Manami Toda for their original pieces that revisit fashion classics such as the Armani costume or Ralph Lauren's preppy style.
- The Grand Prize of the Swarovski fashion accessories Jury was awarded to the Spanish Noelia Morales. The Jury was struck by one of her creations, the "mastectomy patch", a pirate like accessory that comes to dress the missing breast. The designer wants to highlight the breast that has been ablated. The fabric thus hides the scar while erotising it.
- The jury also rewarded the French duo Doran Cayol and Quentin Barralon by rewarding them with a special mention for their commitment to preserving the craftsmanship of Romans-sur-Isère.
- The Public Accessories Prize was rewarded to the Belgian Sarah Levy for her futuristic creations which reveal our addiction to certain daily gestures while facilitating them such as our hands seeking our mobiles.

- The Photography Grand Prize was awarded to South African Alice Mann, whose work celebrates girls from her country.
- The American Vintage Award went to the French Hubert Crabiers.
- The Still Life Prize was awarded to the Finnish Hilla Burki.
- The Public Prize was awarded to the French Elsa & Johanna.

As expected, this year was another high end selection of young designers, focused on hot topics made with passion and uncompromising dedication to quality.

To be continued