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June 13 2019
Fashion Design

What used to be a storage for wheat and grain became Prada’s 2020 spring / summer Shanghai Menswear Fashion Scene for a night. OMA/AMO, Rem Koolhaas’ international architectural and urbanism firm, designed a unique installation titled « illuminated vista » for this year’s show.

The colored lighting amplifies the industrial monumentality of the silo warehouse. Pastel colors and bright neons turned the space into a video-game looking discotheque.

The inside architecture possesses a labyrinthine quality which was intensified by the linear catwalk cutting through the longitudinal space.

After the show, guests were invited to the building’s seventh floor were they could enjoy various theatrical and musical performances dispatched on multiple stages before clubbing through the night.

Looking forward to more monumental designs in the next OMA/AMO X Prada collaborations…