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Milan: Franco Gabbrielli President of Assopellettieri

July 04 2019

The general council of Assopellettieri, the association that gathers the italian leather goods companies, has designated, as the new president for the four-year period 2019/2022, the entrepreneur Franco Gabbrielli.

Gabbrielli is the creator of the Gabs brand of which, also after the sale to the Campomaggi Group and Caterina Lucchi SpA, he continues to be the de-signer.

Franco Gabbrielli, after the vote in the assembly, will take the place of Riccardo Braccialini, to whom are the thanks of the administrative body and the organization of the association for having given the last four years to the associative life favoring the strengthening of the sector and of the business and the construction of synergies, first of all the one that led to the establishment of Confindustria Moda.

On the sidelines of the designation, Gabbrielli said:
"I feel honored of the trust the Association is placing in me, the challenges we will have to face are epochal and I will have the difficult task of continuing the renewal path started by Braccialini.

The crucial points on which we will have to di-rect our efforts will essentially be three: firstly, the renewal of the MIPEL fair, which remains the global point of reference for the world of leather goods and which must focus on quality and on young people with fresh and innovative ideas; to follow, rejuvenation of the Association in terms of tools and communication methods; finally, greater openness and support towards even the manu-facturers/subcontractors, who will have to find in us a point of reference as it happens today for companies with their own brands.

From the political point of view, I will fight vigorously for the pro-tection of Made in Italy, the fight against counterfeiting and for the construction of system logics, starting from the involvement of the griffes in these paths".