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New York: Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion

July 23 2019

On July 20th, the Brooklyn Museums presents the retrospective Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion dedicated to the 70 years of career and achievements of famous French fashion designer Pierre Cardin. He revolutionized the traditional view of male and female fashion, introducing prêt-à-porter and selling his pieces for affordable prices. Since the launching of his brand in 1950, he always aimed for the best.

He is once again honored for his work. The first retrospective was in New York to celebrate the 40 years of his brand. Pierre Cardin himself was involved in the installation of the exhibition then.

Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion consists of 19 sections, objects on display (over 170) are mostly come from the archives of the fashion house, including haute couture, pret-a-porter, accessories, furniture, lighting, fashion sketches, personal photographs, and excerpts from television, documentaries, and feature films. The objects are set out in an immersive environment inspired by Cardin’s unique atelier designs, showrooms and homes.

Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion
From July 20, 2019 till January 5, 2020