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Stockholm Fashion Week will change its format

August 01 2019

The fashion industry is drastically changing in every way. The main difficulty it is facing is the fragile balance between making fruitful business while finding and promoting new ways of producing sustainable garments which respect the environment.

Fashion was considered to be one of the most polluting industrial sectors. Today, a growing number of brands and houses in this sector are changing their production systems, the choice of materials and are committing to being ethical and responsible towards the environment. Several textile producers, the first actors of the chain, are taking their responsibility seriously engaging in this new industrial revolution.

The Stockholm Fashion Council decided to go further and canceled the Stockholm Fashion Week, which was to take place on August 27 and 29.

{"Moving away from the conventional fashion week model was a difficult but very thoughtful decision. We must put the past to rest and stimulate the development of a platform that is relevant to today's fashion industry, "said Jennie Rosén, Executive Director of the Swedish Fashion Council.

In fact, last year, they announced plans to create an incubator platform for young designers to help them promote their businesses. Emerging designers, including Per Götesson, Lazoschmidl, Stylein, Hope and House of Dagmar, presented their collections in Stockholm. In addition, the Challenge the Fabric Award was organized by the Stockholm Fashion Council, which honored talented young designers.

For the moment, there is no comment from the Swedish Fashion Council on the continuation of these projects.