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London Fashion Week opens the doors of fashion shows.

August 02 2019

Fashion events are no longer as exclusive and as secret as before. British Fashion Council takes this into account for its upcoming Fashion Shows.

Thanks to the internet and social media, fashion weeks are no longer as exclusive and secret as before. The British Fashion Council is facing this new dimension: for the first time, its biannual fashion events will cater to two audiences: professionals and the general public.

Anyone can now buy tickets to assist to the upcoming London Fashion Week during September 13th and 14th, which is only two days out of 5. Prices range from £135 GBP (approximately $168 USD) for “Standard” and £245 GBP ($304 USD) for “FROW,” which includes front row seats and access to a VIP lounge. Public access will include six catwalk shows — which have yet to be named — as well as installations, panels, a Designer Exhibition (open to both professionals and general public) and the DiscoveryLAB, a space centered around art, technology and music.

The BFC wants to innovate making London Fashion Week a celebration across London city introducing fashion to a wider pool of people. This is a new way for the BFC to get public interested in the industry. It is certainly a smart marketing process, as people will be able to buy garments on the spot, "see now buy now' , but it also a way of turning fashion into a cultural event...

#LFW: more than fashion?