First Steps: Paris Fashion Week
by Modem – Posted September 27 2019
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Paris Fashion Week (September 23rd- October 1st) hosts first step designers: Christian Stone, Occhi, MARRKNULL, Nadya Dzyak and Baserange.

Christian Stone is a London based designer who graduated from Central Saint-Martins two years ago. Christian Stone, his public name and name brand, is inspired by cyberpunk and the digital culture. He is making our future dresscode. In an interview for Coeval he states : "My aim is to genetically alter the code of garment making almost like treating clothes like biochemical toys. I mess them around with unconventional materials, and I deconstruct them, put them back together in the most conceptual yet considerate ways. "

Occhii, a New York-based line brand, who shares the same need for imperfection and deconstruction as Christian Stone, uses sustainability-oriented design practices, recycled fabrics, and sources rejected shawls from Russia’s Pavlov Posad Shawl Manufactory, labeled “industrial waste”. These shawls have imperfections, accidental pigment stains, misaligned prints, and other defects that occurred during the standardized production process. Occhii repurposes the shawls into unique pieces of clothing, where no two pieces are identical. Each "One of One" item by Occhii is individually laid out and cut by hand in the Occhii Studio and finished in New York's Garment District.

The philosophy of Nadya Dzyak's brand is an effortless chic which creates a sophisticated image endowed with charisma and femininity. Each collection has verified architectural forms, unique prints, luxury fabrics and trendy silhouettes. The designer Nadya Dzyak uses intricate hand-stitched elements and bespoke sophisticated elements of décor while creating a new collection which define the DNA of the brand.
Today the brand is stocked globally at luxury retail stores alongside renowned fashion brands.

MARRKNULL, is a unisex ready-to-wear brand from Beijing, founded by Wang Wei and Tim Shi in 2017.
MARRKNULL uses the popular culture as a background to describe its contradictions and impressions with the modern developing social system.Focuses on structural changes of clothing, based on the consistent use of structural stitching techniques, combined with Chinese traditional clothing structures. Decomposing and reconstructing old-fashion styles expressed with humour. The brand uses special tailoring designing a new silhouette to break gender limitations.

Baserange, founded in 2012, is a line of modern basics with an emphasis on clean lines and easy silhouettes.
The company works closely with innovative vendors to develop high quality textiles from both natural fibers and recycled content. The brand believes that a commitment to clean production will minimize environmental impact and benefit both the producer and the user.


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