Tmall's influence on SS20's Fashion Weeks
by Modem – Posted September 24 2019
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Tmall, owned by Alibaba group, is now a key platform for Chinese and international brands. Opened in 2008, the Tmall platform offers a large number of luxury brands and retailers, both international and Chinese. Tmall's influence on the fashion industry in China has been noticed by major industry players, including Tory Burch, who recently launched its collection on Tmall's luxury section. The platform's influence extends beyond the Chinese market and led emerging designers to fashion shows at New York's Fashion Week, including Threegun, Peacebird, Rizhuo, Songta and i-am-chen.

What is Tmall's new project "Tmall China Cool" about ?

"Tmall China Cool" is a series of events and showcases revealing China's emerging designers in New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks. “There is growing recognition of the creativity and talent coming out of China,” says Bo Liu, general manager of Tmall and Taobao Marketing. La Chambre syndicale in France, La Camera Nazionale della Moda in Italy and New York Fashion Week all signed the "Tmall China Cool" project.

"We are delighted with our association with the Camera Nazionale della Moda and our presence at Milan's Fashion Week with our "China Cool" project. This is a very exciting time for the Chinese fashion scene, which shows great potential, energy and innovative spirit, and we are therefore delighted to see more talented brands and young designers making their mark in China and elsewhere." said Christina Fontana, Fashion and Luxury Europe Director at Alibaba Group in a recent statement.

Among the creators displayed at the "Tmall China Cool" some like the Shushu/Tong duo and the Yirantian brand also launched their products on Tmall's website.

The platform also intends to publish a report identifying the aesthetic trends it believes will resonate with Chinese consumers in the first half of 2020. Combining the insights generated by Alibaba’s platforms as well as additional industry reports and social media data, the report aims to help brands and designers make data-driven decisions that match consumer demands, save product development time, and boost conversation rates.

photo: Alibaba’s Christina Fontana (second to right) and Carlo Capasa (right), chairman of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, join executives for a group photo at Milan Fashion Week on September 20th.