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Mipel goes to Japan for Mipel & TheOneMilano Made In

October 23 2019

Devised in unison by Mipel and TheOneMilano, the roadshow project in Japan was designed with the aim of introducing to a very important market for Italian fashion both the two fairs that take place in Milan through SS2020 collections of participating brands, all made possible with the contribution of the Lombardy region.

From 23rd to 25th October 2019 will be set an area dedicated to “MIPEL and THEONEMILANO MADE IN” project at PLUG IN, the fashion and lifestyle exhibition organized by Senken Shimbun.
At the ninth floor of the SHIBUYA HIKARIE HALL, department store of Tokyo will exhibit “signs” from selected companies as ambassadors for the beautiful and well-made products (in terms of creativity, selection of raw materials and manufacturing) that are typical of our items bearing the label “Made in Italy”.

Thanks to an absolutely brand-new presentation formula, the products will not only be visible and assessable firsthand, their stories will also be told – through specially prepared storytelling scenarios that will highlight the brands strengths and will show the “know-how” and the creative abilities of small / medium-sized companies, which are the true heritage of the Italian fashion sector.

For Mipel the 15 brands will present themselves in a different way, with a series of stories that will reveal the unique history and characteristics of each one:
Alberto Olivero: Smart traveller
Alma Tonutti: Our story…a beautiful weave!
BGBL: Basketball/Reuse and Repurposed
Bordini Selleria: Vegetable leather and lifestyle
Campomaggi: Re-life.The concept of Memory imprint of a bag life
Christian Villa: Totally Made in Italy and handmade finishes
Colonnelli 2.0: Behind the scene of bag making
Daniele Amato: The art of preserve heritage techniques: weavings
De Couture: Sustainable customization
Fortu Milano: Minimalism over the trends
I Medici - Firenze: Travel heritage
Irma Cipolletta: Architectural bag functionality
Laurafed: Wood craft making
Plinio Visonà: Stitching Statements. From hand made to high tech
Sapaf Atelier 1954: Florence embellishment.

TheOneMilano will present five stories reflecting great manufacturing skills. 8 companies will take to the stage:

Marini Silvano, Cora Bellotto e United Separable, Clamar, Savart, Cinzia Caldi e Musetti e Foresti.

During Plug In’s three days, in the area set aside for the "Mipel & TheOneMilano Made In" project, two paneldiscussions will take place featuring Italian manufacturers and the Japanese market. The first one will be entitled “Sustainability in Italian industry” and will see as speaker Franco Gabbrielli, ASSOPELLETTIERI president. The second panel will discuss the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the EU and Japan, which came into effect on 1 February 2019, and thanks to which bus businesses and consumers in Europe and in Japan can now benefit from the largest free trade zone in the world.

The "Mipel & TheOneMilano Made In" event also makes room for young people. For the occasion, the two exhibitions have organised a Digital Competition for students from BFGU (Bunka Fashion Graduate University). The students have been asked to give their own take on the Mipel and TheOneMilano logos to celebrate this meeting between the Italian collections and the Japanese market, using the highly expressive graphic and visual languages of Japanese culture Only the person that receives the most votes for their work from both exhibitions will be invited to Milan next February to take part in Mipel, TheOneMilano and Milan Fashion Week.