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Anna Bonny - couture mastectomy patches by Noelia Morales

November 06 2019

Noelia Morales’s Barcelona based brand Anna Bonny won the 2019 Swarovski Prize at Hyères Festival for her couture mastectomy patches. She is currently preparing her next collection in Chanel’s atelier. It will be presented at Hyères Festival 2020.

At age 42, Noelia Morales was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma (the most common type of breast cancer). She had her right breast removed as a part of her treatment. She decided against getting breast reconstruction:« I knew from the beginning of my diagnosis that the process of reconstruction was not for me. I knew I would find a way of coming to terms with my body in its new form.» However, she quickly realized nothing looked very appealing to wear over her flat breast… « Breast cancer brings you into an aesthetic world that is not contemporary, not fashionable, and is all about "pretending" you have something when you don’t » she says. Her experimentations began with the purchase of a brand new La Perla bra. "I cut it in two" says Morales, matter-of-factly. "When I put it on, my healthy boob was on the outside, naked, and I covered the ‘mess’ with the bra’s beautiful silk." The designer found herself liking what she saw in the mirror for the first time in months.

She sees herself as an adventurer and a pirate inspired by Helmut Newton’s shots of Paloma Picasso. Her aim is to help evolve how society perceives breast cancer, femininity and beauty.

Anna Bonny’s breast patches are only made out of the finest materials such as pure British silk, Loro Piana cashmere and organic coton. Colors vary from pearl, blush and midnight blue. "I thought if I’m going to make a breast patch, it’s going to be the haute couture of breast patches!"

Photo in black and white by Helmut Newton picturing Paloma Picasso

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