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#ONEMILLIONLITERS: sustainable denim revolution is on

November 07 2019

#Onemillionlitre campaign was launched by Spanich manufacturer Tejidos Royo on October 23 2019 in Amsterdam as part of the KingPins Show inauguration. KingPins developed a jean supply chain in 2004 and started organizing international summits uniting the denim industry in 2015.
Thanks to the pioneering DryIndigo® technology Teijidos Royo developed, it is now possible to save water in the jeans production process. A true revolution for the textile industry.

Indeed, knowing that 1 pair of jeans equals 8 000 liters of water, jeans being the most polluting garment on the market and the most produced garment on the planet… It was about time to find technological solutions.

DryIndigo technology makes jeans not wasting any water, dying the color indigo without water and using 89% less chemicals with 65% less energy than the usual jean processing. In his own business, thanks to the implementation of DryIndigo® technology in 2019, Tejidos Royo has saved more than one million litres of water used in the dyeing of jeans. The economic contribution of the first millions of litres saved was donated to UNICEF for its water and sanitation programmes, which improve the lives of thousands of children around the world.

The main mission of the campaign is to raise public awareness by showing how changing part of the production or manufacturing process can accelerate the transition to a more sustainable textile industry.

To raise awareness, the initiative invites users to choose the cause for which they wish to donate{{ the next million litres of water, using the platform and major social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), by November 30, 2019.

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