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White : "Togheter we are Stronger"

March 22 2020

A movement of italian SMEs has spontaneously arisen, which White and Confartigianato have committed to serve as a mouthpiece for.

White Press Release
The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) marks a radical change, a historical milestone and a turning point showing us that we, although seemingly distant, are all interconnected. Italy – a major production centre in terms of fashion and textile - is one of the most affected countries by the pandemic, and the SMEs are facing the higher risks of closure and bankruptcy.

An initial exchange of ideas with an Italian retailer has turned into a viral communication that has involved thousands of small and medium-sized businesses (retailers, producers and distributors), which believe that White is the right ambassador to help them tackle together this global crisis. In the last hours Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of White, has received a lot of messages pleading to launch a movement with the motto: “TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER”. This dynamism and desire to stand united to find tangible answers has brought together thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and craftspeople under a free and open association, which White and Confartigianato Imprese are going to serve as mouthpiece for. A true movement launched by people and entrepreneurs, aiming to make their voice heard and ask the competent Ministries for appropriate and urgent actions, aware that they need to be united and numerous to demand and obtain timely measures to safeguard the Italian SMEs of the textile-fashion segment, which, as yet, the decree Cura Italia has not adequately addressed.

So Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of White: “I am really impressed by the number of messages and I understand the plea to act as ambassador for a new aggregative movement of SMEs, in which cohesion and dedication can make us stronger. An association in which we are all engaged and ready to make a crucial contribution to find together the most effective solutions. I believe that those who have always stood close to us, like the Municipality of Milan and its Mayor, and all the other important Institutions that have enabled us to implement several initiatives in support of SMEs will not leave us alone. We know that we can rely on Confartigianato Imprese, which, with us, has already scored vital goals for the sake of the sector”.

First and foremost, White wants to shine a light on all small and medium-sized businesses and the stores through a special communication project #whiteinsiemesiamopiùforti, which aims to give a voice to all the businesses via White communication channels, above all social media outlets like Instagram. A storytelling of values - as well as products - to launch a positive message, aiming to promote and connect the businesses with their e-commerce and/or online retailers.

The dates of WSM during Milano Moda Uomo in June - and of the next edition of White (24th-27th September 2020) are confirmed.