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LuisaViaRoma invests in gaming with MOD4

May 05 2020

LuisaViaRoma announces a new business venture by introducing a new gaming app: MOD4.

MOD4 is the debut project created by Avawear, a company created by a team of professionals at LuisaViaRoma led by Marco Ritratti, the head of Digital Marketing, together with Andrea Panconesi, CEO of LuisaViaRoma.

LuisaViaRoma invests in MOD4, an app that blurs the lines between the real-world shopping experience and virtual interactive gaming. The app offers customers a unique user experience by giving them the opportunity to create their own avatars, curate their own virtual wardrobe by collecting fashion articles, compete and socialize with other in-app users by participating in fashion challenges, as well as the opportunity to purchase real life articles available on

MOD4 is an interactive fashion gaming app based on 4 main characteristics:

Avatar creation: Users can create a personal profile and build their own avatar personalizing the appearance, hairstyle and makeup.
Fashion Boxes: Once registered, players will receive a MOD4 BOX full of ready-to-wear virtual clothing and accessories for their avatar. MOD4 will then dispense other fashion boxes throughout the duration of the game in which every player will be given the chance to win through fashion challenges or by directly buying through the app.
Fashion Challenges: Every day MOD4 offers a series of challenges to their users. A challenge is a competition between players in the MOD4 community that are inspired by a variety of different themes. For each challenge the user is given the opportunity to propose their selected outfit from the items in which they have already acquired and will then be put on display to the in-app fashion community for voting.
Voting and social interaction: Users have the possibility to interact with other players by voting on fellow player looks, participating in fashion challenges and taking part in the community social feed. The social feed allows users to decide which avatars/players to follow and also offers a world of trending brands and products to discover. Players can select their favorite avatars, communicate with them and create groups that share the same interests and mentality when it comes to fashion.

LuisaViaRoma decided to participate by offering full access to their online catalog available on which features a selection of over 600 luxury and contemporary brands. This gives MOD4 users the opportunity to purchase both virtually and in real life their favorite items, as well as create and personalize oufits, share suggestions with others and compete within the in-app community..

“The world is in a constant evolution and every company should adapt their strategy to the current situation. Changing must be intended as a strength to try to be closer to our customers’ needs and expectations without losing our identity. MOD4 is a forward-thinking app and by joining forces with them, it demonstrates that we believe and invest in current and future innovations. We were able to transition into e-commerce, before many, by predicting the future in terms of technology and innovation and now we move our company to the next level by giving our customers a truly memorable and interactive experience.” Andrea Panconesi, CEO of LuisaViaRoma.

“This project is born from a set of passions merging digital, gaming and technological innovation with the world of fashion. MOD4 takes its cue from the evergreen dress-up game concept yet evolves and creates depth with the randomness of fashion boxes and the opportunity to collect & trade rare digital items. These aspects then merge together and make the experience of online fashion innovative, interactive and fun. We are facing a period of great change in which I expect the digital and offline worlds will fuse and evolve at an ever faster pace. It’s on us to decide how to play the game and shape the fashion industry to come. Maybe it’s time to think about e(ntertainment)-commerce instead of e(lectronic)-commerce?” Marco Ritratti, Co-Founder of MOD4.

MOD4 will be released internationally in the upcoming weeks.
Starting from May 4th, users can send their credentials by registering to the mailing list to receive privilege to early access and other benefits.