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VYZR technologies + Yrúrarí + Plastique Fantastique

May 07 2020

The entire world population is facing a health crisis today. The expansion of covid-19 continues to grow, prompting authorities to maintain containment in all four corners of the globe. Faced with this lack of freedom, Internet users are redoubling their creativity to pass the time. We have selected three highly original innovations that will surprise many.

The Canadian company VYZR technologies proposes to replace masks with a brand new invention, the BioVYZR. The idea came to them following the following observation; to allow humanity to no longer be in contact with airborne pathogens. The BioVYZR is an air purifying respirator. Its mission is to filter the air and thus protect the personal space of the wearer. This somewhat cumbersome gadget is still very effective in order to avoid contamination by environmental hazards. Equipped with an integrated battery and an ultra-quiet fan, users can walk around in busy areas without any risk.

Secondly, Yrúrarí puts his creative talent at the service of social distancing. This period of confinement is a way for her to express her art: knitting. Since April 2020, she has been bursting with new ideas, each as original as the next. What could be better than wearing a terrifying mask to discourage anyone wishing to approach us? She was inspired by her previous knitting designs, decorated with mouths, tongues and eyes. Becoming more and more popular on the web, the designer said that her masks were not for sale. These intriguing objects were created to stimulate creativity and above all to encourage social distancing.

Thirdly, the art collective, fantastic plastic, imagines an object that will allow everyone to go outside without being in contact with the microbes in the air. Inspired by science-fiction comics from the 1950s, this transparent spherical mask protects the entire face. This project was launched so that everyone can develop their imagination and produce to protect themselves from the virus. This customizable object can include a parasol, a microphone, or a tuba. Both funny and serious, it allows people to approach this situation in a lighter way.