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How Martin Margiela Transformed Fashion’s Cast-Offs by Hettie Judah - Published in Frieze

May 07 2020

Martin Margiela is an enigma unto himself. He has managed to escape the media sphere throughout his career, arousing curiosity and fascination.

This secretive personality gives the media a hard time, giving them no interviews, no photos and no public appearances. Faithful to himself, he runs his clothing brand in the image of his career. His main goal is to draw the eye to his clothes and not to his brand. That's why he doesn't use advertising, his models are totally erased during the shows and the labels of his creations are blank.

The Belgian designer specializes in de-structuring, placing him as an avant-garde actor. His clothes, sometimes on the verge of being "portable", are not universally accepted, but one thing is certain: they leave no one unmoved. His handmade collections are created from recycled materials.

These subjects were also covered in “How Martin Margiela Transformed Fashion's Cast-Offs”, article published by Freeze, which Hettie Judah wrote to highlight the stages and events that marked the designer's professional career and to introduce the contents from Reiner Holzemer's documentary: Martin Margiela in His Own Words.

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