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The artist Christo, inventor 'packaging of space' has gone up to the sky

June 03 2020

Christo (Christo Javacheff, 1935 - 2020), Artist known throughout the world for his monumental achievements, died of natural causes on Sunday, May 31 at the age of 84. Working alongside his wife Jeanne-Claude ( Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon , 1935 - 2009), they specialized in the art of metamorphosing space. The duo made a name for themselves in 1985, packing out the Pont-Neuf in Paris. An installation that would take ten years to see the light of day.

Its most famous achievement, the packaging of the Reichstag, attracting more than five million visitors. 100,000 square metres of fabric were used, a colossal achievement with high symbolic value.

Their works transcended the traditional boundaries of painting, sculpture and architecture. Christo's latest project: the packing of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. This event announced as one of the most spectacular of the new school year has been postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic. The duo has always expressed the wish to continue their projects even after their death. A wish that will be respected because the realization is planned for the period from September 18 to October 3, 2021.

"Christo lived his life to the fullest, not only imagining what seemed impossible, but achieving it. The work of Christo and Jeanne-Claude brought people together in shared experiences around the world, and their work lives on in our hearts and memories," wrote his collaborators.

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