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View Digital Trade Show is online now

June 08 2020

The organizers of View had cancelled in March 2020 the first edition of the trade show which was to take place at the Carreau du Temple in Paris during the Men's Fashion Week P/E 2021 in June.
This decision was taken in consultation with the other Parisian trade shows directors who should have opened their doors at the same time. A few days later, the closure of all public places in Paris was decreed because of the Codiv19 , marking the beginning of the confinement for the entire population.

The vocation of this new show is to offer the best possible visibility to young emerging brands, most of which have started their professional careers in France, in the world of men's collections.
Together, these brands make up a set of complementary entities, and consequently a coherent offer for the men's fashion market.

This appropriate dynamic gives the View show its own identity that does not interfere with the positioning of other Parisian trade shows. View participates in and contributes to the richness of the offer represented by the Parisian reality in the context of the presentation of the men's collections and their market.
This new presence is a beneficial added value for all the players who will be leading the Parisian sessions dedicated to the men's collections.

A benefit already acquired, despite the total absence this season of professional reference appointments that are measured in the field of commercial activity, due to the other particularity of the View Show which is both a physical and digital entity. In fact, it was already planned for this first session that each exhibitor would have its own online showroom platform, which would be available after the end of the show for the duration of the current season.

Following the cancellation of the June dates, the organizers of View have decided to make their online showroom platform available free of charge, until October 30, 2020, not only to brands that should have exhibited at the Carreau du Temple, but also to other brands for whom this working tool is now indispensable in the context of commercial activity during a sales campaign.

View's digital trade fair platform is already active online. More than 50 brands are currently present. It is also thanks to this factor that we were already able to express considerations on the identity of the show and the characteristics of its exhibitors beforehand.

According to Caroline Mossot, co-founder of Salon View and manager of its digital platform, an identical number of brands are currently involved in the development of the data and images of the collections on the platform's administration interface. Other brands and showrooms will soon join them.

View Digital Trade Show will be active online during this season of Men's sales campaigns P/E 2021 until October 30th, 2020} .
On the new section of Modemoline : INTERNATIONAL SALES CAMPAIGNS SPRING SUMMER 2021
View Digital Trade Show will be present in the FASHION WEEKS & TRADE SHOWS sector.

View - January 2021 - Men's Collections F/W 2021-22
from January 22 to January 24 2021
Carreau du Temple
4 rue Eugène Spuller
75003 Paris

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