Informa Markets and NuOrder Partners for a new digital Tradeshow of Fashion
by Modem – Posted June 17 2020
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Since 2005 Informa Markets is a leader in providing and organizing international projects, trade shows and events. It connects Companies and Brands both by digital platforms and physical shows.
In partnership with NuOrder, a big digital trade show platform, have launched a new the Industry’s digital trade show, which will start in august 2020 with Men’s collections followed by the Women’s collections in September just at the same time of Informa’s physical events in Las Vegas and New York.

Going into digital shows is paramount in this crucial time post Lockdown, it gives the big opportunity to reach easily every Brand and be connected worldwide in a blink of an eye.
Of course fashion garments need to be touched by buyers too and that’s the merging strength of combining NuORDER with all the investors and divisions of Informa.

...“We see this as an important next step in the evolution of our business, and the fashion industry as a whole. The live event experience is irreplaceable; fashion in particular is a very tactile business—buyers want to feel fabrics in their own hands and see colors with their own eyes. But we also believe that the future of fashion wholesale is a synergy of physical and digital,”
said Nancy Walsh, President of Informa Fashion Markets

Sustainability is a focused and striking point as well in the Fashion Industry. Brands are developing projects and events in order to reduce the environmental impact. Informa itself provides annual reports of sustainable Company management.

Heath Wells, Co-Founder and Co-Ceo of NuOrder said: “Both NuOrder and Informa are market leaders and we are excited to power the largest global platform for fashion brands and buyers. Our partnership marks a defining moment in the industry solving real customer needs at a critical time. This is the beginning of a new era for fashion markets and the standard for discovery and commerce moving forward.”

Informa Markets/NuOrder

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