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The PREMIUM + SEEK Passport

June 18 2020

The Premium Group and its partner, Joor, have together developed a digital marketplace with a portfolio of brands created in partnership with the retailers concerned. PREMIUM + SEEK passport, the new digital trade show will be launched on July 14, 2020.

The Premium Group translates the recipe for its success: - commerce, content and community - for the digital sphere.
''... The next logical step for us is to consolidate our digital offer with PREMIUM + SEEK Passport in order to offer our customers a seamless transition between on-line and off-line. This transformation is more crucial than ever under the current circumstances. Digitization is a fantastic opportunity for brands and buyers to stay relevant and do international business, "
said Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner of the Premium Group.

The PREMIUM + SEEK Passport digital event must take place from July 14 to October 2020.

Then the AW 2021/22 season will see the first "mixed event", where the digital and physical worlds meet.