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The Andam Prize Special edition 2020 has four winners

July 02 2020

Marine Serre is the winner of ANDAM 2020 special edition.

Established in 1989 by Nathalie Dufour alongside the French Ministry of Culture and the Defi Mode Fashion organization, the famous French Fashion Price reshaped its edition due to the Coronavirus crisis to support new independent Brands and the creative industry in response to the challenge times faced by the pandemic.

While the “classic” Andam Fashion Prize will take place the next year, this special edition has offered a 500.000 euro endowment fund to be divided among four winners.
Marine Serre won 200.000 euro of it as first prize of the contest, to support an established brand generating a global turnover of more than 10 million euros.

“The entire team and I are truly grateful to ANDAM and their jury for awarding our work. We are all facing challenging moments and this support will help us remain strong, determined, and independent,” said Marine Serre following the announcement.
The Brand gains the support of all the important and relevant players in the Fashion Industry, jury of Andam
Marine Serre was already finalist in ANDAM 2017 and made her runway debut in February 2018 in Paris. Its concept is based on hybridization, experimentation and transformation of materials: her challenge is to overcome the traditional way of making Fashion with the aim of bringing the production and management of the supply chain towards a circularity system.

The second prize of 50,000 euros, to be used to help a company with a turnover between 1 and 10 million euros, was won by Glenn Martens, designer of the Y / Project brand (also a finalist in 2017).

The Pierre Bergé third prize was assigned to Mossi, founded by the designer Mossi Traoré. The Brand is a prêt-à-porter label that promotes Haute Couture professions in the suburbs and won 100.000 euros. Mossi was presented in 2010 in the Sphere Showroom of the Haute Couture and Fashion Federation.

The fourth awarded is the startup Tekyn, with 50.000 euros prize amount. The Company presents itself as “the first online factory for making clothes on demand for brands”. They make on-demand clothes for Brands.