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The British Fashion Council requests at the Government

July 21 2020

The Oxford Economics data confirm that the Covid-19 pandemic strongly impacted on the Fashion industry and is not going to stop.
The British Fashion Council (BFC) exposed the data which underlined another possible big damage for young designers and new creative generation of fashion talents, putting in danger the UK’s position as the creative crucible of global fashion.

Fashion system needs to safeguard its field such as the employees involved in it.
This is why the British Fashion Council is asking Government to consider the future of the sector proving seven bullet topics to work on:

1. Helping keep retail open, protecting small towns and cities as well. This means to encourage tourism, in order to help the retail sales.
2. Funding for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs), supporting them in such a tough moment due to Covid-19.
3. Innovation and research & development funding for clean growth, supporting the creation of an ecosystem in order to reduce waste and get benefits from recycling, upcycling towards a circular fashion economy.
4. Responsible retailing. Shops should be assisted by stopping the cancellation of goods and ensuring agreed orders.
5. The creation of a new Investment fund with industry to support and incentive investments in business and inward investment,
6. fees: introducing a moratorium on payment of duty and tariffs to support the restart of global supply chains
7. British Manufacturing & Local Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

BFC keeps on with the fundraising for its BFC Foundation Fashion Fund that would lighten the impact of the pandemic and would allow young creative fashion businesses to survive and don’t stop their activity, just as it already did in May 2020, providing funds and prices to 37 Brands.

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