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Massimo Bonini Showroom at The Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda

August 02 2020

I entered a magnificent courtyard. I got off my horse in amazement and admired everything. I climbed up a superb staircase [...]. I was fascinated, it was the first time that architecture had had this effect on me"

In this way Stendhal described the Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda in via Manzoni 41, where is located, on the first floor, in the apartments of Count Carlo Borromeo, the current headquarters of the Massimo Bonini Showroom.

The building was originally an ancient Renaissance convent. It was suppressed in Napoleonic times, in order to start the construction of the Borromeo d'Adda Palace, called for a long time Ca' d'Adda.
The Palace was then restored in the 1820s, following neoclassical ideals and forms, by the Architect Gerolamo Arganini.

In 1936 the garden of the Borromeo d'Adda Palace was declared of public interest by the Ministry of Education.

Massimo Bonini Showroom Press release

The physical spaces are no longer meeting places that connect people but the starting point of a new experience, almost completely virtual, where reality and heritage meet a new world: the “Digital Era”.
Many of the conversations and interactions are filtered by screens and the times we share are more valuable and special than ever.

And with this in mind, Massimo Bonini launches its own B2B platform, developed around the brands it represents to connect them with all of their clients in a totally new way. The platform is highly innovative and able to give even more value and context to the authenticity and creativity of the unique and exclusive brands that it distributes worldwide.

This tool, developed to support the wholesale process in this special phase of our times, is a bridge between the showroom as place and the digital world, creating a custom-made experience for the buyers. The platform is filled with contents such as videos, special assets and services that ease the order process not only by providing the clients with all the basic information about the new collections, but also by allowing them to view behind the scenes content and exclusive material – connecting them even more deeply with the creatives behind the labels.

For Massimo Bonini it is very important to rethink about the way we do things, we create dialogues and we communicate, telling stories and creating new experiences. This is the first step towards an even more thorough innovation process that will further ease the sales and communication processes.

To announce this new path, Massimo Bonini issued a new video campaign filmed in its Milanese headquarters and produced by FashionToMax.

The video is an ode to the beauty and majesty of the spaces, that become almost unreal and part of a parallel world, where people and objects are not present but yet so deeply missed.