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Designers & Agents Digital + Ordre

August 27 2020

Designers & Agents announce the launch of D&A Digital, a platform which will provide a connection between D&A exhibitors and its retail audience.
For the development of D&A Digital, Designers & Agents will be collaborating with Ordre, a leading online fashion wholesale network.

Designers & Agents does not envision the digital platform as a substitute for physical trade shows.
d&a digital will provide streamlined capabilities to merchandise and purchase collections, pre, during and post market.

D&A Digital will be made available to Designers & Agents' exhibitor ahead of the upcoming Spring Summer 2021 market.

It will debut the first week of September 2020 with additional brands assembling through September 22nd, the originally scheduled date for D&A NY.

D&A Digital will include virtual showrooms, video options, order building and lookbooks presentation.

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