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"Salvatore - Shoemaker of dreams"

September 10 2020

Salvatore Ferragamo's story has fascinated the Venice Film Festival, through the eye of Luca Gadagnino and the depth of Martin Scorsese.
From shoemaker to great entrepreneur, it seems like the story of the realization of a dream, a bit like in the movies or in a whispered fairytale. Yet it is true.

"Salvatore Ferragamo goes to Hollywood when the industry we know today was born. He is one of its creators, with his experience and point of view. He is included in the great family of cinema, he is a friend of great stars, he prepares cocktails at parties, he creates shoes to contribute to the creation of the star system. The history of Ferragamo is the history of Hollywood », said Luca Guadagnino during the presentation at the Venice Film Festival 2020.

Coming from Bonito, a small town in Irpinia, the designer flown to the United States where, in a short time, he earned the name of "Shoemaker of the stars", making footwear for the world of Hollywood.
The documentary "Salvatore - Shoemaker of dreams" presented out of competition at the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival, will be released in theaters with Lucky Red in 2021.

Among the testimonies present in the film not only those of family members but also Martin Scorsese and of numerous scholars and critics of fashion and cinema.

'We strongly wanted Scorsese', said Guadagnino, "precisely for this parallelism. At first, we wanted him to talk only about cinema, but then we discovered his incredible knowledge of Ferragamo ".