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Rising from the Ashes

September 27 2020

Modem loves Rosy Abourous and her sister Monique Haddad and their jewelry collections. We feel the utmost consideration and esteem for their will and determination to rebuild the future from the ashes of the present.

On Beirut from September 15 until October 15, they activated the distance selling campaign of the Rosa Maria jewelry collection.
Their regular customers and the stores they were to meet during the spring summer 2021 season, can contact Monique Haddad by email:
or by telephone T: +961 1 32 64 62 / M +961 3 65 22 36

On August 4th, 2020 at 18:08 the city of Beirut experienced one of the most powerful explosions in human history. 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate, a chemical formula commonly used in mining explosives, coupled with fifteen tons of fireworks, five miles of blast fuse, gas oil and acid, came together at the city’s port in Hangar # 12 to make the perfect bomb. Due to the explosion, hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes, thousands were injured, and hundreds deceased.

Was it an attack, an accident, mere negligence, a combination of the prior... only those responsible will ever know. The tragic explosion left a crater 43 meters deep with damages extending 15 miles from the bomb’s epicenter. Two of the most affected areas were the neighborhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayze, where most of the Beirut’s design industry is situated.

Rosa Maria Concept Store was one of the many design companies that overlooked the port on this unforgettable day. Fortuitous circumstances the entire team survived the explosion that literally razed it to the ground. The Rosa Maria team now working together toward creating new molds to contain and transform our present moment. Wedded to Beirut, Rosa Maria Concept Store and Jewellery will continue to be a haven for local and international craftsmanship, style, and design.

Text by Adrian Perez

Rosa Maria Concept Store
A unique concept store in Beirut housing the curated works of artists and designers from Lebanon and around the globe. The space serves as a haven from people craving to rediscover craftsmanship in its most beautiful form.

Rosa Maria Jewellery
The Beirut-based studio is dedicated to preserving a local craft language by the creation of unconventional hand-made jewellery pieces. Inspired by nature, the pieces take the shape of organic sculptures, using raw stones such as rose cut diamonds, sapphires and topaz.