Vìen, the brand of Vincenzo Palazzo conquered Milan
by Modem – Posted September 27 2020
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Vincenzo Palazzo, is 35 years old and has an accent that does not betray his Apulian origins.

In 2017 he created the brand Vìen, a synthesis of the name Vincenzo and Elena Nitti, his best friend. "Elena is fundamental for me, without her I could never have created my project, she is the model maker of the Vìen collections".

During the Milan Fashion Week have presented the Spring Summer 2021 collection.
"I can define her as the daughter of this disastrous period. I spent the lockdown in my childhood home in the south and during those days I discovered that I had kept boxes with music CDs from the 80s and 90s, which I had not listened to for years. From there started a long mental journey that I then translated into my creations through garments that recall the scents and sensations of my land, in particular the flowers and colors find inspiration in my mother's garden," he told Modem Vincenzo. "It was exciting, because I retraced memories related to a country from which I decided to leave and which had suddenly become the only safe haven.

But it is also music that plays a decisive role in Vìen's creative process, "Music is the soundtrack of my collections. At some point in life I realized that every music scene had its own uniform as a cry of revolt, so the fashion-music union has become an obsession ever since. The sounds, the notes, the sensations, everything takes shape, it's so magical, it can't be explained. Vìen is just that: a socio-cultural and artistic mix between music and clothing".

Vìen's style goes beyond trends, it is timeless and draws inspiration from the past. "I call it modern-classic, I am bound to the era of the early 1900s, and schizophrenic in the positive sense of the term, because in Vìen there are so many different codes and contaminations that live in a single collection.

See Vien Spring Summer 2021 Collection.

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