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The British Fashion Council announces the Waste Ecosystem Project.

October 02 2020

Three main pillars make the Positive Fashion Institute a starting point for reflections and projects in the Fashion Industry. These are Environment, People, Community & Craftsmanship.
In this way, the British Fashion Council’s Positive Fashion Institute explores new business models to achieve a circular fashion industry, equal and ethical, in the name of sustainability.

The industry-wide concerns which existed before the pandemic has worsened as a result of this crisis. There is a need to be more agile, design out waste, and optimize inventory levels.
This is the main reason why The IPF announces its first flagship research project, the Waste Ecosystem Project, focused on finding solutions for how the fashion industry can responsibly manage inventory, reduce, and move to circular business operations.

Recycling and Upcycling are the keywords for making the new change. The project's ambition is to fast-track the move to the circular fashion industry in the UK and act as a blueprint to share with other organizations and nations to look at their efforts in creating a circular fashion industry globally.
The Waste Ecosystem project will lead Industries towards the circularity approach, giving more importance to local collaborations in reducing wastes and energies.

“Now, more than ever, there is a need to help the fashion industry accelerate towards a world of circularity as a result of the inventory waste crisis. Post the pandemic, we have a massive opportunity to reset the fashion industry rather than returning to business as usual, and the Waste Ecosystem Project will play a key part in this. We are delighted to work with Vanish on this project and together to engage both consumers and industry in playing their part in fashion circularity." said Caroline Rush, BFC Chief Executive.

The research will set on paper parameters and requirements for enabling the UK fashion industry to become circular, with guidelines and roadmaps as a proposal for Change.

Institute of Positive Fashion