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Kenzo we miss you already

October 06 2020

Fashion designer Kenzo Takada born February 27, 1939 in Himeji, Japan died yesterday Sunday, October 4, 2020.
He is the founder of the Kenzo brand of clothing, accessories and perfumes.

On October 7, 1999, in Paris during the Spring Summer 2000 Fashion Week Kenzo, at the height of his success, presented his latest collection at a major event that brought together a large audience of professionals, friends and customers to celebrate the 30 years of his career. He had wanted to free himself from the frenzy and the forced rhythms that imposed themselves on his professional activity and that could not fit in with his poetic spirit and his codes that advocated the joy of living on a daily basis.

On this occasion, to pay homage to him, we proposed him to produce an image for the cover of the editions that were to be diffused during this event.
But he chose to convey a message, a wish, which reveals his state of mind and which joins ours even more today : So that the world remains beautiful!

Photo: image of the show of October 7, 1999