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Human Brains: the new Fondazione Prada’s multidisciplinary project

November 05 2020

Created in 2018, “Human Brains” is a program of exhibitions, debates, and publishing activities that will take place from November 2020 to November 2022. It’s a perfect combination of science, culture, and art.

“Human Brains” is the title of the new Fondazione Prada’s multidisciplinary project, which has seen the collaboration of a scientific board chaired by the neurologist Giancarlo Comi and composed of researchers, physicians, psychologists, linguists, philosophers, popularizers, and curators, such as Jubin Abutalebi, Massimo Cacciari, Viviana Kasam, Udo Kittelmann, Andrea Moro, and Daniela Perani.

The project aims to study the brain, a unique organ for the complexity of its functions, which are fundamental to characterize human beings. The scope of the investigation is very broad and will survey different fields: from neurobiology to philosophy, from psychology to neurochemistry, from linguistics to artificial intelligence and robots. The brain will be analyzed from an anatomical-functional point of view, while also focusing on the brain aging processes and neurodegenerative diseases.

I have been thinking about this project for years, and finally we are ready to commit to this intent, thanks to the support of a group of philosophers, scientists, and researchers that form the Scientific board of ‘Human Brains’. During the 25 year-long activity of Fondazione Prada, I have always wished to work on relevant cultural ideas. This specific project devoted to neuroscience is maybe our most important so far: for a visual art institution such as the Fondazione Prada, dealing with science is a true challenge, as it will have to give voice and shape to the ideas of the researchers. This dialogue that starts now to embody the project ‘Human Brains’ underlines the importance of cooperation, to give value and disseminate meaningful studies and practices for our present,” said Miuccia Prada, President of Fondazione Prada.

The project will consist of a series of events that will include exhibitions, debates and, publishing activities taking place from November 2020 to November 2022.
The first part of “Human Brains” will be featured from 9 to 13 November 2020 during the online conference “Culture and Consciousness” on an interactive platform linked to Fondazione Prada’s website. While the second chapter is scheduled for 2021 at Fondazione Prada’s venue in Milan, and consists of an international conference accompanied by an exhibition project.

Finally, on the occasion of the 2022 Venice Art Biennale, Fondazione Prada’s Venetian venue will host an exhibition entirely dedicated to brain studies, and curated by Udo Kittelmann in dialogue with the scientific board.

from 9 to 13 November 2020

Anna Rita Russo @ modemonline