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The CNMI confirms the next Fashion weeks in Milan in "Phygital" way.

November 11 2020

The National Chamber of Italian Fashion confirms the next Fashion weeks in Milan in "Phygital" way.

Over the course of history, Italy has earned the advantage of being a resilient country: it knows how to give a lot in terms of innovation and rebirth, but it is also very tied to traditions. One of these is the touch and feel approach in fashion, which due to the Covid-19 Pandemic had to rethink and bend in favor of the digital approach in presenting, viewing, or purchasing collections.

Last September Milan saw a high success between digital and physical fashion shows, confirming an extremely positive "Phygital" value and the primacy of views of Milan Fashion Week.

Carlo Capasa, president of the Italian Chamber of Fashion has reconfirmed this choice for the next Milan Fashion Weeks, which are scheduled from January 15th to 19th (menswear collections) and from February 23rd to March 1st (womenswear collection), even if he has focused attention on certain factors that are essential to fashion, such as the touch of the materials, which in digital format lose grip with experience.

This traditional aspect could not match with the online new approach, while at the same time the British Fashion Council has taken the decision to cancel the next men's edition in January, in London, due to of the pandemic, Brexit and also aimed to rethink the fashion system on a large scale.

Capasa however confirmed the usefulness of the "Phygital" approach also for upcoming events, which has also brought greater attention to the craftsmanship and importance of local realities in the fashion sector, keeping open the hope for a sensitive recovery against the virus keeps the planet in check: «One aspect of the sector that is usually known only to insiders was shown, namely the craftsmanship behind the creations. And then an important aspect was certainly the greater flexibility. Each of the fashion weeks opened up to new conversations that they considered important to give all creatives the opportunity to show their work ».

All that remains is to hope for the global recovery of the fashion industry and continue to remain innovative, proactive, safe, and resilient.