Acbc: the brand that combines style, sustainability and innovation
by Modem – Posted November 15 2020
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Italian entrepreneurs, Gio Giacobbe and Edoardo Iannuzzi, created an innovative solution to make life much easier and mitigate the environmental impact. In 2017, they founded Acbc, a startup that produces a modular and unique shoe with interchangeable skins. Acbc shoe is sustainable because it is made in Eco-leather and raw materials such as pineapple, apple and grape scraps, and recycled plastic bottles. «Acbc is the acronym for “anything can be changed,” because we want to change things,» Acbc’s CEO Gio Giacobbe said.
Acbc is therefore a young company that is committed to promoting in particular the protection of the planet. The project was born precisely from the need to put a stop to the intensive use of natural resources and designing out waste. Their goal is to reduce pollution caused by production processes extending the life of shoes. «Ten different soles can be combined with over 100 skins through a special zipper, so you can create up to 1000 separate and distinct combinations,» Acbc’s creative director Edoardo Iannuzzi noted.
Acbc is an innovation in the footwear market, that find a place in the fast-growing segment of sneakers, which have become must-have pieces of women and men's wardrobe in recent year.
«Our sneakers have an innovative and sustainable content that is a novelty in the fashion world, and they attract mostly modern consumers, who are very attentive to social responsibility, innovation, and sustainability, not the product itself,» said Gio Giacobbe
Acbc has become a global brand thanks to a Kickstarter video it reaches 50 million views and over 2,500 customers worldwide. «Someone called us the Apple of footwear,» Gio concluded.
Three years after its foundation, Acbc has achieved such a level of success and notoriety that it has received important awards. It was the best startup of the 2020 edition of B Heroes - Sky’s talent show dedicated to companies with innovative potential - and it won the prize Innovator created by WPP, Amici della Triennale and Triennale Milano, aimed at companies that have best managed to express creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship, applying the technological component to more traditional areas.
Acbc currently has 13 single-brand stores in 9 countries and boasts collaborations with famous brands including Moschino, Armani, and Philippe Model.
It further reached a significant milestone, obtaining the recognition of Benefit Society for its positive impact on society and the biosphere.

Anna Rita Russo @ Modemonline

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