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The International Woolmark Prize 2021!

November 19 2020

With the Fall arrival, the concept of "wool" recalls a cozy must-have among the favorite outfits. However, all wools are not the same. There is such a huge world behind it, which includes also all the natural processes and care for the animal where it comes from.

The prestige of this textile fiber of natural origin is accentuated even more if a race is involved, and this competition is the famous {{Woolmark Prize.

The 2021 edition, inspired by the popular words of the big architect Mies Van Der Rohe "Less is more", focuses on the concept of essentiality and it is clear that the pillar of the event, of course, is the theme of sustainability.
The Prize will reward the most impressive collections among the six talented designers competing, to bring them to fame in the Fashion System.

The 2021 advisory council this year is composed of Naomi Campbell, Carlos Nazario, Sinéad Burke, Holli Rogers, Floriane de Saint Pierre, founder of Floriane de Saint Pierre & Associes and Eyes on talents, Livia Firth, and many other prestigious exponents of the fashion industry. Merino wool will be the main element for the creation of the collections.

It is a pleasure to support the International Woolmark Prize,” said Naomi Campbell, “Now more than ever, in these incredibly difficult times for our industry, we must continue to support and nurture the emerging voices of fashion. They are the future and I can't wait to see what creative and innovative work will be born from this year's finalists, to continue to promote the mission of the fashion industry that increasingly aims at diversity and sustainability".

Up for grabs, the prizes of Overall Winner of the International Woolmark Prize and the Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation, which will correspond to an economic prize of 120 thousand euros and 61 thousand euros respectively, which the winning designer will benefit from in his business.

In addition to these awards, this edition will also be accompanied by the Woolmark Supply Chain Award, intended for a trade partner that has distinguished itself for the awareness and innovation of the wool supply chain.

Here are the six finalists of the International Woolmark Prize 2021:
-Matty Bovan, Royaume-Uni
-Bethany Williams,, Royaume-Uni
-Casablanca,, France
-Kenneth Ize,, Nigeria
-Lecavalier,, Canada
-Thèbe Magugu, Afrique du Sud.

The six designers selected will create a collection in Merino wool, showing every step on the Nfc platform by Blue Bite, event partner, and with the help of a sustainability roadmap provided by Common objective.

If "Less is More", there is a lot to learn and to invent, in the fashion sector, trying to respect the environment more. Let's wait and see who will win.