Berlin's Trade shows have a new home: Frankfurt
by Modem – Posted December 09 2020
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Frankfurt Fashion Week that will be held from 5 to 9 July 2021 is actively driving forward the transformation towards a future-oriented, more sustainable fashion and textile industry.
In fact, the initiators of Frankfurt Fashion Week, Messe Frankfurt and the Premium Group, have announced for the summer edition the partnership with {{}}Conscious Fashion Campaign, working in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnership.

''The time has come for value creation and values to be reconciled. Consistent alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals is an important step in this direction,” confirmed Peter Feldmann, Senior Mayor of the City of Frankfurt am Main.
“Frankfurt Fashion Week aims to play a crucial role in finding solutions for macrosocial challenges and supporting the goals of international politics such as the European Green Deal. The fashion and textile industries are also expected to be climate-neutral by 2050. If we want to achieve this, we all need to pull together... ” says Detlef Braun, CEO of Messe Frankfurt.
The Sustainable Development Goals will be a prerequisite for all exhibitors, participants and partners by 2023, and it will be incorporated into all formats of Frankfurt Fashion Week.

During a one-day Frankfurt Fashion SDG Summit by CFC topics like gender equality, clean water, climate protection, social justice and their significance for a forward-looking fashion industry will be examined in greater depth. In addition, another point on the sustainability agenda will be the Sustainability Award for outstanding, innovative, sustainable design, alongside other categories with a global appeal for the fashion and textile industry.

We are committed to setting the wheels of transformation in motion. Not only does the overall mindset have to fundamentally change; the entire industry also needs to have the courage to be transparent and honest. It’s important to see values and value creation as opportunities rather than contentious... We are creating a platform that will orchestrate industry-wide change. With this as our inspiration, we are also developing our tradeshow formats from a ‘marketplace of products’ to a ‘marketplace of purpose and ideas...” explains Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner of the Premium Group.

Therefore, Frankfurt Fashion Week focus on digitalisation and sustainability, seeing itself as a melting pot of phygital innovations. Livestream events, online panels, matchmaking tools, digital marketplaces and shopping experiences, virtual reality and an app are all being promoted by Frankfurt Fashion Week and integrated into the concept to help facilitate communication within the industry.
The event has four strong partners: Messe Frankfurt - the Premium Group - the City of Frankfurt and the German state of Hesse.

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