Camera showroom Milano is born: an association of multi-brand showrooms
by Modem – Posted December 16 2020
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Milan's multi-brand showrooms with a strong international vocation will be represented by a new autonomous, independent and apolitical association. It is called Csm-Camera showroom Milano and was created thanks to a promotional committee composed of Gigliola Maule (Zappieri Group), Francesco Casile (Casile&Casile Fashion Group), Mauro Galligari (Studio Zeta), Daniele Ghiselli and Elisa Gaito, owners of the showroom of the same name, and Frank Lubrano (Panorama Moda).

"It is essential to have a common vision of the future of commercial agencies that will be realized through the study and solution of common problems of greatest interest. The implementation of innovative actions and the union of resources will be an undeniable strength for the associates," reads a note.
Union, autonomy, digitalization and internationalization are the strategic pillars on which Csm is based. Union is essential to be able to dialogue with the most important institutions of the entire textile-clothing chain. Autonomy in order to be the spokesman of the instances and requests towards the institutions: "Only an association that was born free, autonomous and apolitical, can fully reflect all the needs of our category and above all can fully understand all the needs".

Digitization, since Csm intends to build and share among its members digital tools that can help and concretely assist the development of the entire category, and finally internationalization to allow the showrooms in Milan to carry out promotions and major events abroad through the collaboration with Ice.

The association aims to reach 50 members and has the objective of safeguarding commercial agents and fashion distributors, a category that generates a wholesale sales turnover of around 5 billion euros and welcomes around 30,000 buyers to the city of Milan every season.