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Vìen launches men's collection

February 04 2021

Vincenzo Palazzo, the founder and creative director of Vìen, debuts his first men’s line, fulfilling his dream of all time. The collection will be presented during Milano Moda Donna in February, where the fashion shows for this season will also be digital. Vìen reinterpreted classic pieces of men’s wear in a modern way, blending the sartorial tradition with sportswear, playing with volume contrasts between fitted and oversize clothes, and using contemporary Italian and Japanese fabrics.

Vìen’s creative vision has always been gender neutral. Where does the need to create a men’s collection come from?
The need to create a men’s collection is purely personal. Creating a line to express my personality, my way of being, and making garments that I wanted to wear, has always been my desire. Man’s apparel is an interesting challenge both because it is more “bound” to clothes and because I see myself as a possible client. So every creation follows this question “how would you like to dress?”.

What is the style of Vìen?
As well as for women’s wear, the creative approach is always the same, only now I feel even more “inside,” more involved because they are clothes that I could wear. I love the sartorial elegance of the first half of the last century, the great tailors and the great men, from Camus to Agnelli, from Chet Baker to Fellini’s films. All mixing with 80s and 90s street culture, the years I was born. I draw inspiration from an era I never lived in, that clashes with the nostalgia of my youth in the 90s. But with a modern, current, and dynamic eye.

Vìen will also debut its first line of accessories…
Yes. Before covid-19 I traveled a lot, I love walking in big cities. I’ve always tried to travel comfortably but in style. It is for this reason that I decided to create a modern and comfortable bags and travel line but with a touch of coolness. Then I add to that the idea of ​​multipurpose. For example, the pouch can be a shoulder bag, and vice versa, a shoulder bag can instead be a pouch. The classic "grandfather's" garment bag transforms into a travel bag, while cylindrical backpacks are divided into various modular compartments according to the needs until they become bags for every day. They are pieces linked to a concept of lightness and comfort.

Anna Rita Russo@modemonline