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Tagliatore opens first showroom in Milan

February 23 2021

A space of 350 square meters, in the heart of Milan, in the building of Palazzo Meroni located in Corso Italia number 1, overlooking Piazza Missori. It’s the first executive showroom of Tagliatore, the brand of the manufacturing company Confezioni Lerario based in Martina Franca, in Italy’s Puglia region. This opening is part of a strategy that sees the consolidation of the internalization of the brand and marks an important milestone for the made in Italy brand, which has grown exponentially in recent years. But the new is also for the product, from brand extension to a style for younger customers, preserving the heritage that has always distinguished Tagliatore. Modem interviewed Pino Lerario, creative director of the brand.

House of Tagliatore, the new showroom in the heart of Milan, is part of an innovation path for Tagliatore. What is the goal?

Pino Lerario: The Tagliatore showroom represents a very important investment for us, we believe in the future and in this delicate moment, we have decided to play offense despite the crisis. House of Tagliatore is exactly what was missing, it is part of a strategy that sees the consolidation of the internationalization of the brand that aims to accelerate its presence in the main fashion markets and consolidate others. House of Tagliatore is a space where we want to welcome our guests, a place to live relationships through ad hoc events, in a mix of cinema, art, music, and culture.

What does Milan represent for Tagliatore?

Pino Lerario: Milan is one of the hubs of fashion, a global crossroads of innovations and globally recognized projects. This is a further step for us that is part of the strategic investment project where the showroom is the focal point to open the doors to new scenarios.

In recent seasons the brand has also focused on a brand extension with the launch of a line of leather shoes and accessories…

Pino Lerario: The brand extension strategy that we started a few seasons ago is giving very good results. In the men’s collection, we have included a proposal of leather footwear and accessories (outerwear, leather bikers, bomber jackets, and bags) to achieve a complete total look. In particular, we have introduced technical details on the sneakers to give greater comfort in fit. In the creations of the accessories, we also use the same meticulousness and detail, which make the difference and give an added value. In the FW21 women’s collection, we have introduced fine leather belts to enrich and embellish jackets and coats.

There is news in style as well, because classic garments are reinterpreted in a modern key and with a more street tone, without ever neglecting the colors and the research of fabrics. What about the Tagliatore summer collection?

Pino Lerario: For the hot season, find space natural and super-light fabrics, natural stretch fabrics take life in dresses and jackets, giving an absolute feeling of comfort. In the SS21 Tagliatore collection the protagonists are deconstructed jackets, so light as to be mere shirts, and jackets with a technical taste interpreted with the inimitable Tagliatore hand. The dominant nuances are the classic blue, brown and black, with forays into vigorous cognac, but cannot miss optical white and pastel colors. We focus on wearability, with softer lines and more harmonious sidecuts. The fit is more modern, staying true to the image and identity of the brand. For us, the choice of fine materials, the sartorial details, and the rigorous wearability are synonymous with elegance. Certainly, the classic and exclusive fabrics, such as the check that I create and renew season after season, make us recognizable and authentic.

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