The Yu Prize 2021 Official winners
by Modem – Posted April 07 2021
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On the evening of April 6, the opening day of Shanghai Fashion Week, Wendy Yu, founder and CEO of Yu Holdings, announced the winners of the first edition of the Yu Prize 2021, during the gala dinner offered at Yu Garden in Shanghai.

Official winner of the Yu Award is Chenpeng for demonstrating excellence and all-round potential in the spheres of creativity, branding, influence, commerce, internationalization and sustainability.
The jury including Andrew Bolton, Edison Chen, Madame Lu, Chioma Nnadi, Pascal Morand, Sara Sozzani Maino, Giambattista Valli, Diane von Furstenberg, Michael Ward and Jason Wu chose him from the 16 finalists in the competition.

"I am so proud to announce Chenpeng as the official Yu Award winner for 2021, our debut year. Chen achieves a surprisingly rare balance between creativity and business as an emerging designer. He has a unique design language and vision that translates effortlessly across markets, culture, gender and categories beyond fashion. He is a true talent and also has impressive operational skills. I wish him good luck in his future and hope to see him play an important role in the history of fashion," commented Wendy Yu.

Yu Prize Creative Pioneer in collaboration with Piaget was awarded to Susan Fang for expressing the most extraordinary creative vision and fashion as an art form.
"... his work is modern and at the same time absolutely magical and memorable. Both of these Chinese designers truly reflect the change we are trying to encourage and support in nurturing our talents, and moving from 'made in china' to 'created in China," said Wendy Yu

Yu Prize Sustainability award in collaboration with Rémy Martin was awarded to Donsee 10, for the most compelling creative assignment, which was to conceptualize a fashion item focused on sustainable values. Donsee 10 brand founder Danqi Chen submitted a design for a biodynamic harvest-inspired bag created from botanical leather derived from wine residue with Chinese calligraphy.

Infinite Beauty Yu Prize in collaboration with Luxury Chinese makeup brand Yumee was awarded to At-One-Ment for the most compelling creative assignment, which required the submission of a design idea inspired by the brand's signature tassel lipstick and art-inspired notion of beauty. Wanbing Huang, the founder of At-One-Ment, presented a three-dimensional concept of a multipurpose dress made of plant-based polyester.

- For the Yu Award, Chenpeng receives over £110,000.00 / $150,000.00 cash prize;
+ Sphere Showroom at Paris Fashion Week and celebratory event co-hosted by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode and Wendy Yu;
+ Showcase at Shanghai Fashion Week;
+12 month mentoring and consulting program conducted by Only The Brave (OTB) with a special focus on sustainability
+ Retailing at Harrods.

- For the Yu Prize Creative Pioneer, Susan Fang receives over £33,000.00 / $45,000.00 cash prize.
- For the Yu Prize Sustainability award, Donsee 10 receives over £10,000.00 / $15,000.00 cash prize.
- For the Infinite Beauty Yu Prize, At-One-Ment receives over £10,000.00 / $15,000.00 cash prize.

A pop-up fashion exhibition called “The New Wave of Chinese Fashion” will showcase the 16 Yu Prize finalists’ impressive collections and creative assignments, and will be open to the public running from:
April 6th-25th at HKRI Taikoo Hui shopping mall, Shanghai.

The 16 Yu Prize 2021 finalists are: At-One-Ment, Chenpeng, Danshan, Donsee10, 8on8, Garçon By Garçon, Ming Ma, Oude Waag, Redemptive, Shie Lyu, Shushu/tong, Shuting Qiu, Susan Fang, Windowsen, Yueqi Qi and Zi Ii Ci Ien.

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