"Fashion Times" - Exhibition during Taipei Fashion Week
by Modem – Posted October 07 2021
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"Fashion Times and Period Fashion", organized by the Ministry of Culture (MoC), is the first major and comprehensive exhibition of Taiwan's fashion history. A journey into the memory of Taiwan's fashion through six historical periods, including.
- Act 1: The Maternal Age of Textiles (1950-1970)
This period was the beginning of the development of Taiwan's industrial production of functional textiles in the 21st century. Taiwan now exports 70% of the world's functional textiles and garments worth nearly $270 billion.
- Act 2: The Age of Enlightenment of Fashion Brands (1985-2008)
- Act 3: The era of freedom to embrace innovation (1995-2003)
- Act 4: The Age of International Brand Competition" (2003-2008)
- Act 5: The Age of global glory (2009-2017)
- Act 6: The cultural era of Taiwanese fashion (2018 - Now)

In addition to the reproduction of vintage sets of textile factories, the exhibition also features many precious costumes by Taiwanese designers : Wen Ching-chu, Diana Pan, Hong Li-fen, Kang Jia-wai and Lin Guo-ji, and 40 others, many of which were loaned for the exhibition by private collectors.

Curator of the exhibition: Shufen Lu

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