Frankfurt Fashion Week to host a new fashion festival for young and consumers
by Modem – Posted October 24 2021
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For its physical Frankfurt Fashion Week in January 2022, the Premium Group announce the launch of The Ground, a new fashion trade show dedicated to young people and consumers. The event will take place together with Premium, Seek, Neonyt, and Val:ue at the Frankfurt Fair & Exhibition Centre from January 18 to 20, 2022, for the first time. Responsible for the event concept, in addition to Anita Tillmann, Jörg Arntz and the Premium Group - team, is b2c expert Kai Zollhöfer, who was also responsible for the concept of the Bread & Butter by Zalando public event.

“The Ground is a b2c festival aimed at a young, purpose-driven generation. This new generation has a strong stance on current social and environmental challenges and expects brands to reflect them. Overriding topics at The Ground are therefore sustainability, diversity and equality,” says Kai Zollhöfer. 

“A large number of customers are interested in more sustainable options - there is a desire for a more conscious lifestyle, but this trend is currently not yet reflected in their actual shopping behavior. In between lies the so-called attitude-behavior gap, which The Ground wants to close further as a platform for brands with transparency and cool communication. We cannot expect that every brand, every consumer is currently doing everything 100% right, but it is the responsibility of all of us to take one small step in the right direction every day. We have to talk openly about how to do this in order to learn from each other so that we can take as many people as possible with us on this journey to a more sustainable future.”

The 3-day experiential marketing playground offers brands the opportunity to interactively exhibit purpose-driven stories and products and connect with consumers. In addition to the focus on fashion, brands from the areas of well-being, beauty, mobility and technology will present innovative products and solutions.

The Ground
Frankfurt Fashion Week
January 18 to 20, 2022
Frankfurt Fair & Exhibition Centre

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