Experience Indonesia will present the Indonesian savoir-faire
by Modem – Posted June 22 2022
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Aiming to empower creative South-East Asian talent into strong responsible brands of the future, the event “Experience Indonesia, un voyage artisanal’ by Bank Indonesia & L’Adresse Paris Agency, which will take place from June 23 to 25, 2022 during Paris Fashion week, is a voyage to the diverse archipelago to revisit Indonesian traditions, heritage, and craftsmanship by exploring a curation of Unisex & Lifestyle products by 15 women-led artisanal brands with a substantial social and environmental impact.

In order to revive local know-how, craftswomen use traditional techniques to make their textile products. One of them is the ecological printing technique Eco-Dyeing, a natural process for dyeing fabrics using dyes from exotic almond leaves, mango trees or flowers. The designers also use traditional Batik process which consists of applying wax and dyes to fabric to achieve intricate and colorful patterns.

The central Bank of Indonesia, in its mission to support the development of the national economic growth of micro small and medium Indonesian enterprises. The incubator program by Bank Indonesia not only protects, revives and preserves local traditional skills and patterns but encourag- es women entrepreneurship to uplift the welfare of the economy.

L’Adresse Paris Agency is a fashion group aiming to empower the cre- ative SouthEast Asian community by developing their ideas and taking initiatives to help them grow into strong and responsible global brands of the future.

Experience Indonesia
June 23 to 25, 2022
12 rue Lafayette
75009 Parigi

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