Five sustainable brands to watch at Milan Fashion Week SS23
by Modem – Posted September 17 2022
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Milan Fashion Week, running from Sept. 19 to 26, 2022 is increasingly focused on a series of special initiatives, presentations and shows highlighting the young creativity of international designers and brands who care about sustainability. Modem selected five promising fashion talents to keep an eye on during the upcoming Milanese fashion week. They are: Ara Lumière, Lara Chamandi, Lessico Familiare, Reamerei, and Bennu.

Ara Lumiere SS23 campaign

Ara Lumiere @ara.lumiere
Ara Lumiere, under Hothur Foundation, with the mentorship of Kulsum Shadab Wahab, is a fashion brand working towards, empowering acid and burn victim-survivors through hand-crafted apparel and more made by the survivors of such attacks. The brand sets as an expression that embodies the transcend of healing and transformation to take back control of a narrative imprinted by their surroundings. Ara Lumiere showcases at Milan Fashion Week the SS23 collection based on the theme "The Unbound" paying homage to the creative self-expressionism even with the presence of turmoil and trauma that has changed the survivors' responses and conduct towards the world. All the pieces are 100% sustainable. The collection graphically represents the thoughts of art and identity that are the core essence of the survivors.

Lara Chamandi SS23 collection

Lara Chamandi @larachamandi
Lara Chamandi is a Lebanese designer and entrepreneur living between Italy and United Arab Emirates. She founded her homonymous brand in 2021 with deeply rooted spirituality focusing on experimentation of sustainable materials and natural elements. Her collections are designed to convey a powerful talismanic energy, reflecting astrological elements. The SS23 collection is inspired by the most beautiful legend of love, the impossible union between the Cupid and Psych, and the metamorphosis of the butterfly. The wings of the butterfly become the vehicle for the expression of the talismanic energy of the collection, consisting of two elements: Air as the main natural element and Gemini as an astral element. Together they create the “twin soul talismanic energy” of the garments.

Tableau Mariage, the project in partnership between Gianmarco Porru and Lessico Familiare

Lessico Familiare @____lessicofamiliare
The name is a clear homage to Natalia Ginzburg and her Family Lexicon but without the "g". The aim is to tell the domestic language not through words, but with clothing. Lessico Familiare is the brand founded and designed by Riccardo Scaburri (teacher and designer), Alice Curti (designer and knitter), and Alberto Petillo (confectioner and tattoo artist). The first dresses created were exposed at the Sozzani Foundation and Spazio Martìn for the "Lunario" performance curated by GianMarco Porru. The brand, that won 2022 Who Is On Next? Talent Prize reaches beyond genders creating heterogeneous and hybrid collections with no sizes and seasons. The philosophy behind the brand puts at the center the goal of giving new life to objects, fabrics, or domestic items, such as curtains, mats, or unwanted garments. Real house clothing, stripped and reassembled pieces.

A look by Reamerei

Reamerei @reamerei
Reamerei is an emerging brand founded by Enrico Micheletto, Marzia Geusa, and Davide Melis in Italy. The brand is timeless and supports the environmental impact on production creating the collections in Italy and consolidating a strong ethical path, with the use of 100% organic, regenerated, or recovered materials. Reamerei has a very strong aesthetic identity, favoring oversized volumes, and imposing silhouettes for rigorous and essential femininity. The label creates pieces that look to a non-binary and punk future, with attention to the quality of the details.

Bennu Origine collection

Bennu @bennuofficial
Founded by Niccolò Chiuppesi, Bennu is a brand that places environmental and social responsibility at the heart of its philosophy. The brand exclusively uses fabrics in excess, archival inventories, or vintage garments through a supply chain that involves independent workshops and Italian social tailors. Bennu proposes genderless garments going beyond the concept of gender and size, where anyone feels part of the process of change that is characterizing our society.

Photo Cover: Ara Lumiere SS23 Campaign "The Unbound". Courtesy image Ara Lumiere

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