The Winners of ITS Contest 2022
by Modem – Posted September 12 2022
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The 20th edition of the international Contest founded by Barbara Franchin was held on Saturday Sept. 20, 2022 in its historic location of the Salone Degli Incanti in the heart of the city of Trieste.
The previous evening ITS presented a preview of ITS Arcademy to its guests, unveiling 'The First Exhibition: 20 years of contemporary fashion evolution', an exhibition backed by the Ministry of Culture and curated by Olivier Saillard, fashion historian and former director of the Palais Galliera in Paris. ITS Arcademy, Museum of Art in Fashion will open its doors in spring 2023.

Here are all the winners from ITS Contest 2022:

Charlie Constantinou: ITS Arcademy Award (€15,000 and a 6-month mentorship by Pitti Immagine Tutoring & Consulting Di- rection to the most creative, socially aware and innovative finalist project).

Mata Durikovic: ITS Media Award (€8,000 awarded by the ITS Contest 2022 Media Jury to the finalist showing the strongest ability to transmit their innovative vision in a socially meaningful way).

Lucia Chain: ITS Video Presentation Award (€3,000 awarded by ITS to the best fashion film).

Zong Bo Jiang & Xiaoling Jin: ITS Digital Fashion Award (€3,000 awarded by ITS to the best digital fashion project).

Lili Schreiber: OTB Award (€10,000 assigned by OTB to a fashion, accessories or jewelry finalist).

Yudai & Anna Tanaka: ITS Artwork Award (€10,000 assigned by Swatch Art Peace Hotel).

Hing Fung Jesse Lee, Charlie Constantinou, and Edward Mendoza: ITS Sportswear Award (€3,000, €2,000 and €1,000 awarded by Lotto Sport to three finalists challenged with a sneakers project).

Ruby Mellish: ITS Special Mention (€3,000 awarded by Luxottica).

Eva Heugenhauser: ITS Special Mention assigned by Vogue Italia to a fashion, or accessories finalist. The winner’s collection will be featured on the website.

Victor Salinier: ITS Responsible Creativity Award (€5,000 awarded by Cnmi-Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana).

Dmytro Hontarenko: ITS Footwear Award (€5,000 and the opportunity of an internship in the company’s creative dept., awarded by Fondazione Ferragamo to one of the footwear entries for ITS Contest 2022).

The Juries

The international jury awarded the ITS Arcademy Award to the most creative, innovative and socially responsible project.
Here are their names:

Barbara Franchin, ITS Foundation President & Artistic Director
Demna, Creative Director Balenciaga
Tony Chambers, Founder & Director Creative Agency TC&Friends, Former Editor in Chief of Wallpaper* Magazine
Imran Amed, Founder & ceo The Business of Fashion
Róisín Murphy, Singer
Matteo Battiston, Chief Design Officer Luxottica Group
Carlo Capasa, Chairman Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana
Stefania Ricci, Director of Museo Salvatore Ferragamo and Fondazione Ferragamo
Carlo Giordanetti, ceo Swatch Art Peace Hotel
Sara Maino, Educational and Scouting Initiatives Advisor Vogue Italia, International Brand Ambassador Cnmi
Orsola de Castro, Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution, Author
Luca Rizzi, Pitti Immagine Tutoring & Consulting Director
Carlo Bach, Art Director illycaffè
Andrea Rosso, Diesel Sustainability Ambassador and MYAR Founder Luca Josi - Member of the Tim Foundation
Deanna Ferretti, Modateca Deanna

This edition saw the addition of a special second jury, ITS Media Jury. Tasked with assigning the ITS Media Award to the finalist who was able to best communicate their innovative vision and socially meaningful message.

Photo: Charlie Constantinou

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