Rafael Jimenez launches Together, a new initiative to connect and work
by Modem – Posted September 28 2022
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A new initiative is born from a collaboration between Rafael Jiménez, a French-Venezuelan consultant and entrepreneur in fashion and tech ventures and Plan 8, an agency focussing on brand development founded by Rafael Jiménez in 2006. Plan8 specialises in sales growth for wholesale, retail and digital ventures. The project is called Together, an experiential space where buyers, press, and fashion industry key players come to discover, buy, and connect with brands that have generated a fresh and successful critique in the press. "We feel there is a need to create a new editorial setting that reflects the taste of Paris of the season," said Jiménez in a statement. "We want to create an observatory of trends and an efficient platform for brands to broadcast their message."

The statement added: "The fashion business has undergone profound transformations. The current business model of showrooms and tradeshows cannot effectively fulfil their role anymore in the multiplicity of deals and hybrid sub-cultures that exist. Traditional sales showrooms struggle to work with representation based on territories and exclusivities due to disruptions from e-commerce, social media, and new business models. Social media has empowered the brands creating communities around them. They move freely. Each brand is a small universe of actors and players. Each one is extremely curated and connected to social culture. Adjacency is important."

Together is a platform that capitalizes on these adjacencies and entices agents to move freely, drastically expanding the reach of a traditional marketplace. Together is a trade show, a festival, a showroom, and a community at once. It includes a marketplace, a fashion show sponsoring program to help brands to show, an editorial platform (a collaboration with tastemakers through Double Magazine to portray the taste of now and co-curate the edition), a cultural platform (a retrospective of a fashion legend from the '80s: Richard Torry), a technology partnership with Web 3 Community New Foundation to bring the new format into the next generation of tools.

Together Showroom
SS23 Sales Campaigns
Sept. 28 to Oct. 3, 2022
71 rue de la Forge Royale 75011 Paris

Brands: AsOne by Three as Four, Foo and Foo, Pressiat, Laura Laurens, Lana Bilzerian, Palomo Spain, Michael Gabriel, Lamberto Losani, Cividini, B May, Julia Clancey, Julfer, Techin, Charlott Vasberg, Misora Nakamori, No Grey Area, Unisecon, Luchen, So Good to Wear.

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