Lablaco’s Cfs Hub at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées
by Modem – Posted January 11 2023
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Every year, Cfs, the world’s largest annual vr gathering dedicated to luxury fashion, culture, and technology, discovers and curates bold tech innovators and fashion designers who are providing better ways to design, produce, communicate and sell, shining the light on these change makers during the annual Cfs Summit, globally. For its fourth annual launch (December 8 to 11, 2022), Cfs Summit 2022 brought forward designers with a strong vision for the phygital future to feature at Cfs Hub.

The Cfs Hub connects Science Catalysts with the Fashion Catalysts of the future to create measurable impact that accelerates the transition towards fashion digitization and circularity, powered by Spin technology. Cfs Hub is a playground for boundary-breaking innovation. The platform curates artists, solutions, and creators, and provides a space to accelerate the transition toward a digitized circular fashion system.

Science and fashion catalysts leading web3 innovation, digitization, and circularity premiered exclusively in the Spin Metaverse at the digital twin of the Grand Palais Éphémère last December and premieres for the first time, Irl, via the first meta-retail experience with Europe’s largest luxury retail group with an immersive installation at Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées, from Jan. 4 to 26, 2023. Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées supports Cfs Hub Fashion Catalysts and Science Catalysts with a Web3 circular retail activation. The activation takes over the whole of Galeries Lafayette’s atrium area with creative installations and immersive extended reality (xr) experiences.

Cfs and Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées collaborate on piloting sustainable and circular IoT (Internet of Things) products, which are available to explore and purchase both physically and digitally in the form of phygital Nfts via augmented reality (ar) and virtual reality (vr) technologies. All purchases are accessible using cryptocurrency with Currency Partner, the world’s fastest-growing platform of its kind.

With the application of Spin, customers can discover each product’s timeline, which is authentically traced on blockchain and connected via their exclusive IoT label printer. The technology prints unique Qr-code labels that are sewn onto each garment at manufacturing level. Using any smartphone, customers can easily scan the code to visualize the item's journey, impact, and ownership via ar and vr (with meta quest headsets), and receive digital ownership upon purchase.

Participating brands include: 8IGB Community Clothingh, Acbc, Against Medical Advice, Agraloop, Altmat, Autoboros, Bettter, Chulaap, Coloreel, Coronet, Dhruv Kapoor, Eos, Evolved By Nature, Grace Ling, Haus Of Stone, Heartdub, I.Am.Isigo, Joao, Maraschin, Lukhanyo Mdingi, Material Experience Center, Miss Sohee, Mlln, No Sesso, Nous Etudions, Orange Colture, Piacenza Cashmere, Published By, Raquel De Carvalho, Renewcell, Scry, Tokyo James, Tombogo, Untitlab, Vaqar, Weinsanto, Wilsonkaki.

Modem is the Industry Partner of Lablaco. Modem is supporting Cfs Hub Fashion Catalysts by connecting them with the world of fashion through international showrooms and platforms.

Photo: Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées Store View. Courtesy of Lablaco

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