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Didier Grumbach

May 21 2010

On the occasion of the last International Festival of fashion and Photography held in Hyeres, we met Didier Grumbach, President of the French Federation of Couture, Prêt-à-Porter and fashion designers. Focus on the Festival since from the beginning to nowadays.

The Festival celebrates 25 years, what is your assessment of these 25 years as a breeding ground for young designers?

Didier Grumbach: "The festival deals with photography, architecture, design and fashion. This variety partly explains its success.
At the beginning it was decided to open a permanent space devoted to the Noailles couple (and their actions for 40 years), I think this year's festival at the Villa Noailles became much more than that. I Think that this place will become as popular as the Eiffel Tower, because the public would want to know where the 20th century art, music, opera, literature began. I think that after 25 years of existence, and seeing how well last edition goes, the event will last at least another 25 years.

It is very difficult in today's world to get noticed; you have a message for young designers? What advice would you give them?

D.G.: I think the festival goal is to support the ten nominees. It is essential to protect those that make the industry advance, the most creative. The role of Hyères Fashion Festival, is to announce the fashion of the future and present, support, give visibility to brands that have potential. Those who are nominated are all excellent, they have great courage and all have boundless energy, especially when you talk to them. The jury and the President of the Jury ((Ed.: Dries Van Noten)) have this responsibility. What our industry need is to continue to anticipate future developments in the context of globalization. "

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