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by Modem – Posted January 11 2023
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MR Agency has become renowned in the French real estate market specializing in selling and renting stunning properties. Melissa Regan Devoegle (MRD) and her team also rent showroom and pop-ups in Paris. We had the great pleasure to interview her. Find the full interview here.

How did you start Mr Agency?
MRD: “With a financial background and a personal passion for fashion, art and design, I previously consulted within the creative field for over 15 years. I began to assist key clients in operating their showrooms, pop-ups, and exhibitions in Paris. Once I branched out on my own in 2016, my contacts continued to want me to work for them and the phone never stopped ringing. MR Agency was born with 1, then 3, then 10 locations within the first 12 months. Thanks to 2016, we now own and operate 25 unique spaces in Paris and work with clients big and small- 70% being in fashion. Over the years more and more clients began asking about long term showrooms and pied-à-terre apartments, and in 2021 we officially launched our real estate services to serve existing clientele and more.”

Your real estate agency operates in the whole of France. Where is your core business?
MRD: “Our core business is in both residential and commercial property in the best neighbourhoods of Paris including le Marais, the 8th, the 1st and Saint Germain des Près. In addition, as an official partner of Welcome to the French Tech, a part of the French government’s Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs that promotes investment in France, we provide relocation services throughout the country from La Côte d’Azur to Bretagne.”

What are the criteria that are important to your Fashion, Art & Design clients?
MRD: “Property aesthetics are the number one factor in a short term venue adapted for a fashion week showroom. In the same way, property aesthetics are also a premier criteria for Paris Design Week, art exhibitions, or long term apartments or office spaces. We find the clients are seeking a location consistent with their brand, but that also has a certain « je ne sais quoi » Parisian style. Other important accommodations are ceiling height, luminosity, and the turnkey service that me and my team bring. When working with us, our clients choose a venue, but also a team with an unmatched level of service. No matter what the problem may be, we stay up 24/7 to ensure there is a solution.”

Do you also offer spaces for Pop-up Shops? If so, could you give our readership a rough price-range?
MRD: “Indeed, we propose pop-up spaces ranging from 40m2 to 450m2, available to rent for one day period up to as long as one year. Concerning pricing, we offer a range between 500€ and 5500€ HT per day. Specifically, Le Marais is one of the most popular neighbourhoods where we see a high demand for clients looking into pop-ups. Pop-ups in this area tend to average around 100m2, with prices starting at 500€ and averaging 2500€HT.
Recently, we facilitated and supervised a pop-up that took place at the Ritz Hotel Place Vendôme. This is a bespoke pop-up and specific criteria apply; you can find the article about this pop-up on the blog on our website, The MR Agency.”

How long does it usually take to rent a space in Paris during Fashion Week or Design week?
MRD: “Brands typically begin looking for spaces 3-6 months prior to their target showing season. Since Covid, things have become a bit ‘last-minute’, with some clients reaching out as little as 1 month before. This was unheard of pre-covid, so generalities in this new world are hard to determine. To give an idea on 2023, many brands are already booked up to January, March, and June. Generally, venues are booked for periods based on 7-10 day minimums.”

Which documents are required to be able to rent a commercial space through you?
MRD: “For a short term event and rental of commercial spaces, the process is quite simple as it’s a private contract between two parties, simply requiring company identification.
For long term commercial leases the process is much more administrative and we require: a copy of the business license, the last 3 years of financials, an identity card of the legal representative of the company, a French company bank account and the last 3 rent receipts if the company has already leased a commercial space previously.”

By experience, when is the best time to reach out with inquiries?
MRD: “The best time is now! If you have a business need (or personal desire) to operate in France on a short or long term basis, now is the time. Specifically for fashion week, the best time is at the close of the prior season, and for art/design exhibitions approximately 6 months before the planned show date. For long term projects such as store openings, a permanent office, or a pied-à-terre, the sooner the better as the process can take between 3-9 months. In addition, our office never closes, even during Christmas or the famous French August vacation period, so we are available to you whenever you need us.”

Do you offer a package deal that includes other services too (cleaning services, flower delivery,...)?
MRD: “Our staff is able to assist with the full spectrum of clients’ needs via our production services. We have a full time event production manager who oversees furniture rental, light installation, and decoration including flowers; not to mention an internal cleaning staff available 24 hours per day. In all, our staff along with our trusted external suppliers guarantee satisfaction in each ad-hoc client request. The production package fee starts at 2000€HT.“

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