At White Milano strong attendance with about 18,000 visitors
by Modem – Posted March 08 2024
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White, Sign of the Times closes the February edition with more than 18,000 visitors, slightly dropping in Italy and increasing abroad by 10%, with great response from the city through initiatives such as White Village, dedicated to b2c customers, registering about 6,000 visitors.

"The data on attendance and brand participation clearly show that White is a benchmark 'trade fair' excellence. However, we are only at the beginning of a path that will be long and difficult, made of transformations. Of this we and the institutions, to help the sector at such a difficult time, must realize," commented Massimiliano Bizzi, president and founder of White. "As far as we are concerned, we are in total evolution and this is demonstrated by all the initiatives we activate, such as the great success of White Village, an important signal of openness to the city, as well as the Expo White project with which we bring to Milan the governments of emerging countries in our sector. Through the (Textile)Times by Expo White project more support will be given to international designers. All our projects see Milan at the center and are functional to the renewal of the show, both in terms of brand mix and image."

Goti installation

"White is, therefore, the international show of reference for SMEs and also for more structured realities, a meeting hub for buyers and press who land there every season from all over the world to select the best proposals from our brand mix", added Brenda Bellei, ceo of M.Seventy-White.

Held from February 22 to 25, White confirmed itself as an event capable of attracting the attention of the fashion scene, a showcase for new talents, and a stimulating platform for established brands. About 300 brands (40% international, 60% Italian) previewed their ready-to-wear collections dedicated to the FW24-25 season.

From the five designers of the Secret Rooms project, Prototype:Am, Alberto Ciaschini, Yangkehan, Samanta Virginio, and Miaoran to Ma'ry'ya, the brand launched by Maria Icho in 2009 and Avant Toi, the brand founded by Mirko Ghignone with its explosion of colors and knitwear garments has made it internationally reckoned. Goti's space, on the other hand, was reminiscent of an exhibition, a huge black room filled with illuminated display cases, inside which were sartorial jewelry made by the best master craftsmen.

Several small and medium-sized companies presented new collections or a selection of them inside the Suk area. Here they exhibited to the public in an open- space with uncluttered and minimal visuals. Among the brands: Nogoon with its handcrafted knitwear, Pepa Flaca's porcelain jewelry, Spektre Eyewear's eyewear, and many others. In the staircase facing the Suk, MiniMe Paris' special area was set up. This brand produces 100% upcycling accessories, shoes, and bags, using fabric remnants of major luxury brands.

"Never as in this edition has the content-container combination been perfectly represented," said Simona Severini, general manager of White. "The content, given by the brand mix of the collections presented, clearly expressed White's desire to dare, to tell emotions, and launch messages. It did so fearlessly, exclusively selecting collections that represent our Dna and leaving out more obvious choices that favor a seemingly more attractive market. The content blended naturally with the container, which in this edition changed guise, favoring a black setting enriched by plays of light and mirrors that shook the visitor's emotions from the moment they entered the show"."

Photo Cover: Avant Toi. On the occasion of White, the brand celebrates its 30th anniversary.

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